Thirst Extinguisher

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This 36oz Thirst Extinguisher bottle is the perfect tool for carrying around your favorite beverage while keeping it hot or cold for longer than the average bottle. With a design inspired by fire extinguishers and featuring a Maltese Cross on the other side, this bottle also makes the perfect gift for friends and family working in the fire service.

These bottles are completed 1-2 times a month, orders may take 2-4 weeks to ship. Please contact us prior to ordering if you would like the bottle to be customized. Customization may incur an additional fee for graphics or additional colors. Two bottles are pictured to show each side but order will contain the quantity of bottles ordered.

Instructions - our bottles must be washed prior to first use. Not dishwasher safe, must wash by hand.



 *Cerakote is not FDA approved as food safe. As such, we try to minimize the areas that food or fluids may come in contact with in our designs. We will not cerakote the insides of cups, eating utensils, or other items that the primary use of which involves prolonged contact with foods.