8 oz. Claymore Flask

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These Flasks are perfect for casual or concealed drinking occasions. They are designed to look like the Claymore explosives used by our nation's greatest warriors. These flasks come complete with a worn out look and a stainless steel funnel. Each flask holds 8 oz. These flasks are completed 1-2 times a month, orders may take 2-4 weeks to ship.

NOTE - Please contact us prior to ordering if you would like a specific logo or number designation on your flask.

Instructions - our flasks must be washed prior to first use. Not dishwasher safe, must wash by hand.

Disclaimers: These products are custom coated and as such, there are variations in the style and distressing. Also, the numbers are different on every tumbler. While each flask  will resemble the flask pictured, they will not be identical. Cerakote is not FDA approved as food safe. As such, we try to minimize the areas that food or fluids may come in contact with in our designs. We will not cerakote the insides of cups, eating utensils, or other items that the primary use of which involves prolonged contact with foods.