Semi-auto rifle (AR, Tavor, AK,etc.) $280.00
AR upper receiver complete in one color
AR LPK to include stock and grip
Stripped upper or lower $65.00
Stripped upper, lower, and handguard $180.00
Optics and/or iron sights $100.00
Bolt action $250.00
Shotgun $200.00
Pistol $180.00
Pistol Slide $90.00
Frame $95.00
Pins and small parts $10.00 per part
Magazine 2 colors (add $5 for each additional color) $20.00
Each additional color for large parts $20 per color


  Disassembly / Reassembly*

Pistols $60.00 
Pistol Slide $35.00
Rifles or Shotguns $80.00
Small parts (to include iron sights, etc.) $35.00

 *If you wish to send us your project disassembled be sure to include an itemized list of all the parts included. Be sure that all parts are completely disassembled, this applies to small parts as well.



20oz or smaller $45.00
30oz – 40oz $50.00
64oz $60.00

** Prices for one color add $5.00 for each additional color (cups only). 

If you provide an image or description of something that you want incorporated into your project, we will be happy to work with you to implement it (limitations may include color and/or sizing). Complex designs may incur a graphic design fee.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. This price list is not comprehensive, if you want something cerakoted that’s not on the price list, please contact us.

Disclaimers: double-walled, vacuum-sealed tumblers such as the Smoke Cups should be washed by hand, not recommended for dishwasher. Cerakote is not FDA approved as food safe. As such, we try to minimize the areas that food or fluids may come in contact with in our designs. We will not cerakote the insides of cups, eating utensils, or other items that the primary use of which involves prolonged contact with foods.