Behind The Name
We chose the name Scarecrow Cerakote because of what scarecrows represent. Their purpose is to protect crops by tricking crows into thinking that someone is standing in the crops. Much like scarecrows are an illusion used to protect crops, we apply coatings to items that will protect them while often times making them appear to be something other than what they actually are.

About Us
Scarecrow Cerakote is a combat veteran and LE owned and operated customization company. We possess a current Federal Firearms License (FFL). We strive to create and apply quality designs to firearms, tumblers, knives, and more that will not only make the respective item stand apart from the rest, but also protect it. We have a passion for firearms and art and use that passion to turn each item into a unique and functional work of art. You can expect outstanding quality and customer service when interacting with our company, we consider anything less to be a failure to you and to ourselves. 

Stand By To Stand By 

As far as wait times you can expect a 2-4 week turn around time depending on the complexity of the project, stock, and shipping times. We can expedite orders sometimes, contact us if you need a custom order expedited.